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Allisyn's Wondered Land Pattern 80" x 80"

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Allisyn's Wondered Land 80" x 80" - Allisyn’s Wondered Land was designed by Judy and Brad Niemeyer as part of the Sunrise Mixer series. It includes three distinct groups to create an 80” x 80” quilt. A circular center sits in the middle of the quilt with a diameter of 62”. A 4” Wide ring surrounds the center for a total increased diameter of 70”. Then, a border is added to square the quilt off at 80”. This pattern comes with a reversible coversheet! A Forever Collection version is shown on one side and a Passion Fruit version is shown on the other! Yardage is included for both on the back page and Page 30 of the Pattern. The pattern teaches many of Judy’s latest techniques for paper piecing. The A, B, and C groups can also be mixed and matched with other group designs in the Sunrise mixer series to make a quilt that is truly unique to you!  This pattern is Quiltster Compatible! This means you can color the quilt with your favorite Fabric Collection in Quiltster before you make it and obtain yardage!

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