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Needle Threader Knob XC9604051 fits Baby Lock and Brother

Manufacturer #:XC9604051

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or call: 406-257-6966
Fits Babylock Sewing Machine Models:  BL137A, BL137A2, BL200A, BLCC, BLCC2, BLDC2, BLL, BLMR, BLMY, BLN, BLQC2, BLR, BLR2, BLR3, BLSR, BLSY, BLTP.  Also fits Brother Sewing Machine Models:  HE240, LB6770, LB6800PRW, LB6810, NV1000, NV1200, NV1250D, NV200, NV-350E, NV-400, NV400SE, NV-600, NV-700E, NV-750E, NV-780D, NV-900, NV-900D, NV950D, NX-250, NX-450, NX-450Q, NX-650, NX800, PE450, PE500, PE700, PE700II, PE750D, PE770, PE780D, SB7050E, SB7500, SE-350, SE-400, SE425 and Simplicity Sewing Machine Models:  SB7500