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Bali Pop3/Group 2

Bali Pop3/Group 2 - and Hoffman Fabrics of California have teamed up to bring you a special collection of Bali Pops hand selected by Judy Niemeyer, meant to complement designs, in particular, the Wedding Ring series of quilts.  These strip sets include 48 Bali Pops in each package, with two unique packages available for purchase.  Forty-eight strips are included for the following reasons:  The Bali Wedding Star and Flowers for My Wedding Ring quilts involve strip piecing and are based on (12) sets of (8) strips, for a total of (48) strips needed.  These strips sets are PRE-SORTED, READY TO GO OUT OF THE BOX, and IN THE EXACT COLOR WAY OF THE COVER QUILT!  All you need to do is pick your background fabrics.  We have prepared some fabric information in a variety of background combinations of 1895 Hoffman Batiks to help you select complementary background fabrics as well!