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Sprites Embroidery CD *

Sprites are tiny winged garden creatures - cousins of fairies and kin to butterflies! A lucky person might spy one hiding under a rose bush, but these Sprites will be very happy to flutter into your home and bring a bit of magic to your décor. 

Inserted pipe cleaners make it possible to pose these little beauties in various positions. The adult Sprite can even hold a baby Sprite. The bodies are made from felt and the garments are made from various specialty fabrics such as silk organza and tulle. 

These gorgeous 3D projects are made in the hoop with some assembly by hand. The Adult Sprite requires the 5x7hoop and the Baby Sprite requires the 4x4 or larger hoop. The finished adult sprite is approximately 7.5” tall. The finished baby sprite is approximately 4.25” tall. 

Our sample sprites are shown in seasonal colors. The autumn sprite’s dress is decorated with tiny leaves. The winter sprite’s outfit is embroidered with tiny snowflakes. Dainty flowers scatter over summer sprite’s outfit. Make pink, purple or yellow sprites to celebrate any special occasion! Full color, step-by-step PDF instructions are included.