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Satinedge Foot SE-94

Achieve smooth, flat satin stitches on the edges of appliques, scallops or table linens.  The specialty foot is designed to render dense, even zigzag stitches.  The adjustable guide bar provides an edge for guiding fabric.  The stitch forms over a tiny metal pin on the foot.  Metal pin lines up with the plastic fabric guide.  Adjust your zigzag stitch to clear the edge of this pin. It acts as a stable boundary for crisp satin edges.  The underside of the foot is recessed in the stitch area so stitches easily glide off the pin and under the foot. This prevents the fabric from curling or rolling.  Stitch: zigzag 2.5mm-5.0mm.  Includes:  Foot, Four snap-on shank adapters,  Low - High - Singer slant - Kenmore super high.   Note: Bernina requires a Bernina shank adapter.  Illustrated instruction booklet.  Fits majority of machines with a zigzag stitch.  Made in USA.  Other uses:  This practically "self-guiding" presser foot will help you to achieve perfectly accurate narrow seams (1/4" using a left needle position).