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MO Star Block Magazine V 6/5

Autumn is filled with brilliant color and so is this gorgeous issue of BLOCK Magazine. As the leaves fall and the weather turns chilly, inspiration flows easily and the desire to quilt returns with renewed enthusiasm! Delve into all the beauty of this cozy season and create something unique to you with this issue. It's filled with quilts perfect for snuggling including 10 new quilt patterns, full-color photos, heartfelt stories, and not a single ad in sight. Welcome fall with this fabulous issue of BLOCK! How do you prepare your home for the colder months? When do you dive into your stash of quilts? Do you always seem to need more? We're with you! You can never have too many, and even if you do, quilts make marvelous gifts! Start by celebrating the harvest with a lively Square Knot quilt. Then, feast your eyes on rich autumn colors with a Fancy Flight quilt featuring traditional flying geese. Next up, travel back in time with a lovely Four Square quilt and learn about Hamilton's history. Finally, take the drunkard's path quilt block to a brand new level with creative variations on one of our all-time favorite tutorials. Let the warmth of hearth and home surround you as you enjoy a moment with this issue of BLOCK! It's bound to inspire you to create something cozy and beautiful this fall.

Block Magazine Fall 2019 Volume 6 Issue 5

Manufacturer SKU: BLOCK136