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Christmas Celebration 62" diameter JNQ153P-2T

The Christmas Celebration Tree Skirt was originally designed in 2008 and has since been through two updates. This version of the design is the 3rd and most recent update and was completed to make it possible to square up this design, which is something that customers have asked us for, for years. To accomplish a squared up pattern, we had to change the dimensions of the original quilt. The original design was approximately 60” in diameter. The new layout finishes to 62” diameter and is compatible with a number of borders created to square this design off, up to 80” square. It is not, however, compatible with the original pattern.

Quiltworx used Quiltster, a fabric auditioning and design enhancement application to create the colorway provided on the coversheet. If you want to use this to create your own colorway of this design, you can use Quiltster to see what your quilt will look like in your favorite fabrics and also add borders to square it up. Quiltster is available on a monthly or annual subscription basis. To learn more, visit

NOTE: The original version of Christmas Celebration Tree Skirt is out of print and the new one references a different Quiltster Template and is not compatible with the old pattern.  Unit Names and Fabric References have changed as these units can now be mixed and matched with many others in our pattern inventory and we needed to make everything consistent. 

This pattern is Quiltster Compatible! 
quiltster-compatible-stamp white